Navilight Tricolor (Red, Green, White) 2NM w/Magnet base 305-1

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Multifunctional portable Tricolor Navilight with magnetic base

- US Coast Guard approved for 2 nautical miles
- 5 Modes: Tricolor Masthead light (135° white, 112,5°
red, 112,5° green), BiColor side light, red
side light, green side light, white Sternlight
- Floats light facing up
- Submersible to 20 m/66 ft.
- Powered by three AAA batteries (not included)
- Magnet bracket, mounting screw, 1 lanyard and 1 adjustable Velcro strap for multiple fixing and securing

Price includes one light



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1 Review

Gregory Lewis May 20th 2018

Really nice light but.....

I really like this light, however a few things could be improved. At full battery all three colors are bright. When the batter losses a couple of tenths of a volt, the red is very dim, the green brighter and the white is much brighter. Each LED is set in between black plastic. This makes sense to separate the different colors but it does nothing but if looking at the one color straight on, it just absorb light limiting how many LEDs one sees. It would make much more sense if there was not plastic between LEDs of the same color or if the plastic was metalized so it was reflective surface. I have not had this long enough to see how it lasts in salt water but it looks like it will last a long time. I use this for rowing on a lake without cost guard regulations and would have preferred something that can flash.

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